The above five pictures were taken on August 21, 2017 in the center of the path in Moncks Corner, SC
using a Nikon D5100 converted to Infrared only. The sky was clear in the beginning.....
and then the clouds moved in until after the eclipse was finished.

The Day Before - August 20, 2017

Downtown Charleston on the waterfront - In Infrared

Setting up for the Eclipse at Moncks Corner on the 21st
We joined the Lowcountry Stargazers of Charleston, SC

It's overcast and looks like rain so we're prepared and ready for the "totality" picture

And as I promised, if it was overcast or rainy, there would be one picture with four people drinking wine,
outside, in the dark, at 2:46 PM in the afternoon, in the middle of totality.

The 21st of August was also our wedding anniversary #52. Therefore, we celebrated the day of the eclipse
along with our anniversary dinner at a fun Italian restaurant in Charleston.