Arriving at the Skyline factory in Ocala

A busy place

Casey and Ed welcome us

The grey haired worker with the hard hat and shawl is Jan - very few of the Skyline workers wore shawls so she was easy to find

There it is ... our home on the production line... January 18, 2016

The north side of the house on the left, the south side of the house on the right

Trimming the tar paper before the roof is shingled

That's Jan giving manufacturing advice to the guy in charge (Ed)

The south side of the house resting on the I-beams that will get it to Melbourne

The south half with the box-bay windows

The south half with the sliding glass door from the kitchen into the future porch

Windows into the dining room

Installing siding next to the front door

Jan and Ed in the dining room next to the rest of the kitchen cabinets

The galley kitchen with the breakfast area at the other end

The door going left will be to the washer and dryer

This is from the breakfast area looking the other direction

The punch list making sure everything gets done

We complained to Ed about the quality of the ceiling fixture in the dining room... he said it was Early American

Dry-wall expert on stilts

Looking from the dining room across the gap to the living room in the north half

Gosh, I hope these sections end up closer together when everything is done

The L.R.

The north half of the house

This worker is in the master bedroom with the master bath in the back

Have you ever tried going down the stairs backwards on stilts?

Saying goodbye to Ed... a very knowledgeable, competent, and patient tour guide (he's the one who drew our house plans)

Another home ready to head down the highway in two sections

....and this is where our home is going, in Melbourne

... and now it is in Melbourne, in two sections and parked around the corner from the final destination

Jan is peeking in the window of her sewing room

Our new nextdoor neighbor, unsold as yet

A bit more preparation and they will move our home on to this site

The next time I shoot this picture, our home will be to the left of this one

I didn't take this so the angle is different - it's on the site where it will stay

On the site - and now to continue the process

The siding is finished

We now have an address on Seagate Drive

It's been raining a bit... time for some inside work while things dry out

A necessity for Florida... the AC people are on the scene

Here's the shot I said I would take from our next door neighbor

From the north side... someday, there will be more homes in this space

Where the driveway will be

The plants and trees on the other side of the yellow wall from our back yard

North side with more dirt ready

A little further along, ready for the driveway

The neighbor's house coming right along

Dining area and kitchen


Jan's sewing room

Gary's Ham Shack - doesn't look like much - yet

Living room. They promised to move the siding before we move in.

Foundation for the porch added.


Melbourne. Ready to move in March 18, 2016